About Us

Eagle Fabrication has been in the steel fabrication business for over the last 35 years.  We specialize in heavy structural steel components, stairs and railings of all types.  We are now a second generation fabrication and welding company.

What we offer:

  • We do custom fabrication and any steel related repairs.
  • We can provide all bent and rolled lintels and beams, bar joists and metal decking.
  • We can provide: shearing, press breaking, hole punching, laser cutting, plasma cutting, parts by the pieces, and mobile on-site welding.
  • We also provide aluminum welding.
  • We provide a line of self contained mobile bleachers of all sizes which are galvanized steel frames and all aluminum seating and railings.
  • We can also provide built-in-place bleacher seating.
  • We provide on-site primer painting service, and we have the ability to provide powder coating, finished paint coating and galvanizing through a well organized group of associates.

Call us for all your fabrication and welding projects.